The Pride of the Foothills

An Overview of Glendora Citrus Valley

Known as "The Pride of the Foothills," Glendora is an affluent city located 23 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, 17 miles east of Pasadena, in the San Gabriel Valley, with Azusa to the west and San Dimas to the east. Encompassing a total land area of 19.6 square miles of breathtaking mountain views and idyllic streets, Glendora is the largest of the cities in the east San Gabriel Valley and boasts an exceptionally low crime rate.

Originally referred to as Citrus Valley due to the wealth of citrus groves that populated the landscape, the San Gabriel Valley has become an immensely popular place to call home, with many local businesses and institutions adopting Citrus Valley into their names. Glendora was founded April 1, 1887, by George D. Whitcomb, who fused the name of his wife, Leadora with the location of his home in a glen of the San Gabriel Mountains. The city was incorporated in 1911.

Residences in Glendora vary in style, from multi-family condo developments, to 20th century bungalows, to modest ranch style homes, to grand mansions.